My Book Review-“The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell

Today, I will review the book "The 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership" written by John C. Maxwell. Leadership has always remained the most desirable attribute among the people. Every person in this world wants to become a strong leader, but in reality very less people are able to emerge as a strong leader in the real life.

Why so many people fail to become a good leader or how we can become a good leader? This book has our answers. For all readers who want to master their skills of leadership, this book is a must read. The 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership, as the name suggests give us 21 simple yet very powerful laws to emerge a strong leader.

From the centuries, societies around the world have remained in the constant search for good leaders and from time to time, we have seen many strong leaders emerging on the world map. All these leaders have some good qualities in them, which ordinary people lack. Now everyone has an option to master the art of leadership by using these 21 leadership laws told in this book. I personally liked this book and I have learnt many valuable leadership lessons from this book. I constantly use these laws to enhance my personality and leadership skills.

Leadership is the topic on which numbers of books have been written in the past and in the present also many people are putting forwards new views on the leadership. Despite the availability of so much material on leadership, it sometimes becomes very difficult to find a good read on this topic. This book by renowned author and motivational speaker Mr. John C. Maxwell can easily help in first understanding what leadership is all about and second, how anyone can emerge as strong leaders in their lives. This book presents one of the best materials written about the leadership which is filled with real life.

 This book discusses lots of case studies which highlight the importance of leadership and how people can easily learn from the mistakes of the others. This book presents in front of us 21 laws of leadership and anyone can easily emerge as a strong leader by following these laws. Leadership can easily play a significant difference in the life of a person and therefore every person should look for enhancing his leadership qualities.

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