Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Book Review - Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal With Change In Your Work and In Your Life

The difficult thing for any human being is to change or accept change. We can find many people struggling in life because they fail to cope up with the changes in life. They try hard to avoid changes and keep on living the same life which they were living in the past. The fear of change is the major roadblock which stops many people from moving up in life and accepting new challenges.

Today, I am going to review the book "Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal With Change In Your Work and In Your Life" written by Spencer Johnson. It is the best book to read when you want to remove your fears related to change. This is a wonderful book which tells us that change is a very important part of our life and it is for our betterment that we accept change and move in a new direction.

In the present world, our lives have become very fast and so changes are coming fast. Many older works are becoming obsolete very fast and only people who are to adapt to these changes are able to move ahead in life. This book is a good read for any person who is struggling with the present phase of life. Change is part of every phase of life, whether we are in a relationship, job or business, we need to deal with it everywhere. 

We can't avoid change, it will come anyway. So the best thing is to be well prepared for it. This book helps us to understand the importance of change with the example of a story of two mice and two humans who found a delicious cheese. For sometime, everything goes smoothly and both human become comfortable. They didn't realize that stock of cheese is decreasing day by day. They only noticed the change when the whole of the cheese was gone. 

I will not go much into the story because it will decrease the enjoyment of reading this book. From this story in the book "Who moved my Cheese" everyone can learn many things to deal perfectly with the change. Life is all about making small-2 changes and making a perfect situation. When we don't change slowly, then a sudden change is forced on us. 

My rating for this book is 8 out of 10 and I will recommend this book to others. 

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Book Review- Devlok Devdutt Pattanaik Ke Sang (Hindi)

I come to know about Devdutt Pattanaik through his TV series on the Epic channel with the same name "Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik".  His show has already become popular because of great information about Indian mythology shared on it. Through, his show we come to know about many things about Indian (Hindu) Mythology we hardly know. Similarly, he also introduces us to some of the facts and common questions related to mythology and gives satisfactory answers. 

Most of the buyers of his book are the people who regularly watch his show. We can find many books related to mythology in the market; however, there are very less books available which are written by experts in this field. Devlok Devdutt Pattanaik ke Sang is a good book to read if you are interested in Hindu Mythology and have some questions in your mind. In this book, you are first introduced to the questions and later they are answered in a meaningful manner. 

Hindu religion is one of the oldest religions in the world, ranging back to millions of years. With time, Hindu religion has seen many changes, so the Hindu religion, we see today may not be totally same as it was in the past. So this book is very helpful in exactly knowing about the real facts and not just myths. You will like this book or not, all depends on your interest in Hindu Mythology. I loved this book and found it very helpful to correct some of my facts. 

I will give it 8 points of 10 and recommend it to others.

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