My Book Review- Rich Dad Poor Dad (A good insight into financial Freedom)

Money plays a vital role in the life of every person and every person wants to have more of it in life. In the world, it is very hard to do anything or live happily without money; therefore, we see a great struggle in people to earn money. However, the problem is that very less people actually know to manage their finances well or increase their wealth.

A large number of people struggle with money for their whole life and they never succeed in achieving financial freedom in their life. The one of the main reasons is lack of understanding of financial planning and the role of money in life. Some people work on increasing their earning sources while others just get attached to a single source.

The more sources of earning we have, then definitely more money we will have. However, very few people work on this principle and most of people stick with single earning source only. We can take the example of successful and rich people around and we will find that they are rich and successful because they have multiple and stable sources of earning.

The Book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki is also telling many such stories which can help you in achieving the goal of financial freedom and happy life. This book is already a best seller and most of people have liked it. I do find it very helpful and we all can learn many things from it.

Without money, we all may face many difficult times in life; therefore, it is good to plan well and in advance to avoid these troubles. Most of financial trouble causes unnecessary tensions and frustration and they can even harm your relationship. Thus do invest in good financial planning and look for the stable sources of earning so that you never suffer in life because of money.

In the book, "Rich Dad and Poor Dad" the author has tried to tell us these secrets. In the book, he refers his dad a poor dad and his friend's dad a rich dad because of their different approach towards life and money. He shares with the reader the experience and learnings, he gained from rich dad and what we all can learn from the Rich dad in this book.

I will not go much deeper into the story of the book. I found this book very helpful and I will say that everyone must read it multiple time because we all need to deal with money. However, the only disadvantage with this book is that it is written on the based of Amercian society and may not completely relate to Indian readers.

My rating for this book is 9 out of 10

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