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Today, I will share with my review of Swami Rama's famous book "Living with the Himalayan Masters". I found this book very interesting, simple to read, with beautiful presentations and pictures. The good point about this book is that we can learn something from each page of the book. We get a great motivation after reading this book to achieve new heights in life. Today, we know very less about the Himalayas and its mystics and here this book comes as a great help to know many new things.

India history is very old and in this history, we can find references of many cultures, traditions, religions and wisdoms, however, today the main problem with most of the Indian youth is that they have forgotten the importance of ancient India cultures. One of the main attractions of our culture is a life lived by our great mystics and masters of the Himalayas. For many centuries, this tradition was very much prevalent in India, according to which people visited Himalayas for becoming one with the supreme consciousness.

These great masters and mystics followed the path of renunciation (leaving the comforts and pains of the world). We all must have heard some of the stories associated with these great masters, however, due to lack of information and knowledge, we mostly find it hard to know the real truth. For an ordinary person, it is very difficult to exactly know or understand the life of our saints and masters. Most of the times, these mystic were considered as mad, psychics, frauds because we do not know or understand the realities associated with them.

This book “Living with the Himalayan Masters” is written by one of the great Himalayan Master Swami Rama who also remained Shankaracharya of Karvirpithan during 1949-51. He also travelled most parts of India, Nepal, Tibet and lived in mountain monasteries. During his life, he also got experience to meet a number of eminent personalities and unknown sages of the Himalaya. In this book, Swami Rama reveals a number of secrets like Can a person become alive after death? Is it is possible for a person to willingly change his body or Can anyone select time of his death? This book revolves around the real experience of Rama and his path of renunciation.

This book clearly provides a lot of insight on the great history and culture of India and provides an inside look into the lives of Himalayan sages, which is otherwise completely inaccessible to us. Reading this book is also very important because this book tells us to conquer number of our inner enemies like lust, greed, anger, jealousy etc. This book is published by The Himalayan Institute Press, Pennsylvania and costing from Rs 260-330. Overall, this book provides a good resource of valuable information which we can only learn after deep mediation and renunciation.

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