Book Review "Wings of Fire" by A P J Abdul Kalam (A Must Read for every Indian)

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Today, I will talk about the book "Wings of Fire" which is an autobiography of former President of India and an eminent scientist Shri A P J Abdul Kalam. It is very important for every Indian and especially for youth to read this autobiography. This is one book which has so much to offer to everyone. If someone is looking for a best motivational book, then his search can stop at this book.

I am not telling you to read this book because he is a former president and an eminent scientist, I am telling you to read this autobiography because really has good knowledge in it, a knowledge which is very difficult to get elsewhere.

This autobiography is different in many ways as it tells us many lessons with true examples. This book tells us the story of a Muslim boy, who became the President of a Hindu dominated country by hard world and dedication. It gives us an inside look into the lives of Muslims in India and peaceful relationships between Hindu and Muslim communities in India.

It tells us, how common Hindu and Muslim respect each other’s religion. “Wings of Fire” is the story of a small boy achieving his dreams despite all the odds. This real story tells us the role of family, relatives and friends in support of a person in achieving his goals. This book tells us, how to dedicate your life in the progress of your country.

This book shows the determination of India and its scientists to achieve excellence in space and missile technology. This book provides an inside look into the success and failures of Indian space and missile technology programs. Wings of Fire give a good presentation about the role of other eminent scientists in shaping our country’s future.

This book is a must for every student, because this book has the power to motivate a person to excel in life. “Wings of Fire” is a clear example of achieving one’s goals, while fulfilling the commitment towards the country.

Wings of Fire is written in very easy and fluent English; thus making it easy for every person to understand it.

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