Book Review - Women and Men in my Life by Khushwant Singh

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It is always a very insightful and a learning experience to learn about the life experiences of a person and if this person is Khushwant Singh then we can learn a lot. Khushwant Singh is one of best writers from India. Khushwant Singh is known for his bold, truthful and straight forward writing. He has written around 90 books with famous books like Train to Pakistan.

He is also remembered for his work on the Sikh history. He is also said to be the creator of biggest controversies because of his straight forwardness and truth speaking attitude. He has written many things which have clashed with the ego of others. The book "Women and Men in my Life" provides a great information on the inside lives of some known and lot of unknown men and women who created a great impression on the life of Khushwant Singh.

Many people may argue that why they should read this book? Answer is simple truth that it is mostly impossible to look inside the lives of the other people. Moreover this book provides many small stories of the simple men and women like us. We can understand through this book that how our behavior affect others. There are lots of people, who constantly come and go from our life. Some of them create a great impression on our memory that we never forget them.

Women and Men in my life also helps us to remember some of our own stories which matter in our life. This is not a serious book but still it reveals many shortcomings of ordinary people. This book tells many untold stories of people, their pains, their joys and their problems. Everyone can write a book like this but very few have the art like Khushwant Singh to describe the beauty of women and emotions in words.

Women and Men in my Life tell a story of the life journey and of the people who came and go from our lives in this journey. This book is a good simple read and definitely people who like to live in memories will like it. This book is first published in 1995 and has eight reprints so far. For all the Khushwhant Singh lovers this book is a good offer. This book provides a great insight on the life of the Khushwant Singh and about the men and women who have influenced him. This book is compiled and edited by Rohini Singh.

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