My Review Book - The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

There are a few books available in the market, which helps you understand many important points about the real life experience and human psychology. The book "The Tipping Point: How little things can make a Big Difference" written by Malcolm Gladwell is also one such book. After reading this book, you come to know about the secret of Tipping Point and how sometimes small things push a big change like the spread of an epidemic.

This book gives you example of many real life examples and case studies to understand the concept of the book. You learn after reading this book that how a few people are responsible for the revival of old brands and how some small events trigger other big events.  This book has a lot of material for your mind; however, the negative point for Indian readers is that all studies are from abroad and some people may find it hard to understand the concepts.

Mostly it is our view that small things, small group of people or small events can't make a big change; however, in this book you come to know about the power of small. This is a good book when it comes to learning something new and to understand social behavior and human psychology. In the book "The Tipping Point" Gladwell highlight that there are few highly active individuals who are responsible for the maximum spread of a news or epidemic. We also come to know about that there are few people who are more connected to others as compared to others.

My rating for this book is 4 out of 5. It contains a great relevant and practical information. This is one book which requires your full concentration and time to read it; otherwise, you may not get the point. This book is based on the observations of Malcolm Gladwell, which he has put forward with the help of examples and case studies.

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