Book Review - The Alchemist (You have got this life to chase your dream)

Book Review, The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho,
Today, it is time for another bestseller with 65 million copies sold worldwide. I am going to share my experience of Paulo Coelho's best seller "The Alchemist".  Initially, I didn't do justice to this book because first I bought it late and then, I read it after two years of buying.  Today, I have a regret that why I read this book so late.

The first word which came out of my mouth after this book was what a book? This is one of exceptional books which qualify for the 5 out of 5 rating. The Alchemist is a well written book which presents a great story of a Sheperd boy who sails to Egypt to find the truth of his dream.

During his journey, he faces many difficulties; however, at the end, he finds the greatest treasure, his true love and meaning of life. Today, we live in a world where most of things for us are decided by others. Very few numbers of people actually get the courage to chase their dreams and find the real meaning of their life.

Through, the beautiful story this book tells us many lessons of life. It puts emphases on trusting our dreams and then going after them. The world only recognizes people who reach their dreams while all others just become a history. Moreover, there is a great excitement and enjoyed in completing our dreams. We learn many valuable lessons of life when we go out to find the true meaning of life.

The majority of people never take their dreams seriously and die as ordinary beings. Many people never have the fun and adventure of moving out of their comfort zone. Life is actually much-much bigger than what we assume it. It has many surprises for us and we just need to follow our heart and our dreams.

In review, I don't like to go into the story because it can spoil your experience of reading a good book. The alchemist is a great book and one must have it and then read it. When I started reading this book, then soon I got absorbed in the story and I become so curious about the next event that I completed this book in a few days only.

The Alchemist is a good read for any person who is not clear about the goals of his life. Elder must encourage teenage youth to read this book so that they can become clear about the goals of their life.

I loved this book and learned lots from it. It gives me lots of encouragement to chase my dreams despite the others being against me. I read this book so deeply that I remember the whole story. Whenever I feel down, I start reading this book or imagine the Hero of the story who faced so many difficulties to complete his dreams.

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