Book Review – Chanakya Niti (A Must Read Book)

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Chanakya and Chanakya Niti hardly need any introduction because it is very famous written script which came to existence hundreds of years back. As per some estimates Chanakya existed between 370–283 BCE and he was political advisor and Guru of first Maurya emperor Chandragupta. Chanakya was undoubtedly a great expert in the field of economics and political science.

His most of work disappeared with the lost of Gupta dynasty and later in 1915 major parts of his work got recovered. Today, his wise teaching is available in front of us in the form Chanakya Niti. By reading this book, you can learn about many valuable lessons of life which no one less will tell you or it will take you to make thousands of mistakes to learn all this.

Many such important lessons and truths of life can be learned by reading this book. To become a wise and good person everyone should read this at least once, though I will recommend reading it several times because these readings are very valuable. In the market, you can find numerous books with this title; however, I will recommend reading a good quality book from a good author, otherwise you will not succeed in getting true meaning of his teachings.

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  1. Please recommend the Author preferably an english version. Thankyou

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