Book Review : How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Secret of Making Friends and Influencing People)

“How to win friends and influence People” book does not need any introduction because it is one of best selling books of the present century which has remained popular from the ast hundred years. If you want to learn the art of winning friends and influencing people, then you should read this book immediately. I will even recommend reading this book several times because there is abundant information stored in this book for everyone. “How to win friends and influence People” has something for everyone, even people who have lots of friends can learn many things from it. Below, you can read some of my observations and learning from “How to win friends and influence People”.

Book, Review, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

Every person has thousands of desires and one of such desire is to have as many friends and influence as many people as we can. Most of the successful people of the present time or earlier times are those people who know perfectly how to use this art. They influenced so many people during their life span that in return these people helped them in fulfilling their dreams. We all live in a social world where we need each others support for fulfilling our dreams. By opposing people and letting them down, we can only increase the number of our enemies and finally, close our doors of success.

If, we see back in history, then we can easily find the example of a large number of ordinary and simple people reaching extraordinary heights in their lives due to support of their friends, whereas numbers of more talented people failed in their lives because they failed in making friends and influencing people. From all this, we can easily interpret one thing that we need something much more important than talent and intelligence for achieving new heights and success in life. Good friends and helping people can provide us with a lot of moral, emotional and opportunistic support to make our dreams come true.

Therefore, it is very important for all of us to learn some art of winning friends and influencing people and the best possible option available in front of us to learn this art is book “How to win friends and influence People”. This book is written by Dale Carnegie and first published in 1937. Today, this book is a big seller in self help books category and so far, more 20000000 copies of this book are already sold in different parts of the world. In 1981, this book is again revised to make it more appropriate for present readers.

Despite written so early, book “How to win friends and influence People” still holds lots of relevance and it is the best book available in this category. By reading this book, people can easily learn few fundamental techniques and skills they must use and others they should not. This book is a masterpiece in this category and its rules and laws are still very much relevant in the present time. By reading “How to win friends and influence People” we can expect at least some positive changes in our life.

Key Benefits of reading this Book are

1) You can make friends quickly and easily.
2) You can increase your popularity among friends and in society.
3) You can win people to your way of thinking.
4) This learning can enable you to win new clients and customers.
5) You can become a better speaker and a more entertaining conversationalist.
 6) you can arouse enthusiasm among your colleagues.

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