Books I read, My journey through Books

This blog is my journey of books read by me in past and books which I read in future. These books have provided me great help in improving myself. Someone has truly said that books are our best friends and I totally agree with it. By reading good quality books, we can learn many useful lessons of life which no one will tell us. 

There are millions of books written by millions of authors around the world. Most of these books provide great insight in to topics they cover; therefore, we learn from their experience even without directly meeting them. There are Many famous and popular book which were wriiten hundreds of thousands of years back; however, still we can find great information and truth hidden in them. 

These qualities of books attract me towards them. I try to read more and more numbers of books when I have free time. Even I love to reread these books several time because every time I enjoy reading these books. In this blog, I will publish my reviews of many famous book read by me. These reviews will guide you in selecting best books as per your taste.  
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