Book Review- The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

  Today, I will share the review of self-help/motivational book "The Secret" written by Rhonda Byne. This book is based on the concepts like we attract good or bad things into our life and we can attract success, wealth or anything in life by just changing our thought process.

The Secret is a successful book with millions of copies sold worldwide and most of its readers have liked it. I do get the chance to read this book when I am crossing through a bad time in life and my mind was full of negative emotions and thoughts. I found this book very helpful and encouraging to become a person with a positive mindset.

There are many critics of this book who says that this book borrows many things from others and many things are exaggeratly told in it. However, I found this book a good presentation of an idea to think positively and attract abundance in life. To enjoy this book and to get benefit from it, it is important to believe what is said in it.

Now quantum physics says that our thoughts have energy and they are constantly interacting with the universe. This book also highlights the power of such laws and one of the important laws illustrated in this book is "Law of Attraction" which says that whatever is happening in our life, we are attracting it into our life through our thoughts and emotions.

This is a nicely written book which attracts your attention till the end and fills your mind with positive emotions. After reading this book, you will try to avoid negative emotions as much as possible because you will learn that they are causing you harm. You learn the importance of becoming a happy person and attracting more happiness to your life.

Many such things are also told in many other books; however, I liked the way it is told in The Secret book. It is a good book for all people who are feeling depressed or crossing through a bad time in life. Life is all about believing and this book tells us to believe in life and higher spiritual force.

There is no doubt in it that positive thoughts and emotions put a good effect our health and future outcomes. The secret a great motivational book because it tells us to dream and dream big. Though, I can't say that it will work 100% for everyone; however, I am sure that this book will help some who will trust the secrets told in it.

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