Book Review- Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (An interesting Emotional Drama)

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Today, I am going to share with you my review of a famous and best seller book "Great Expectations" written by Charles Dickens. This book is a Novel which was first published between 1860 to 1861 in a periodical. The present version of the book has new and happier ending where the protagonist meets the main heroine at the end.

As the name suggests, this book is a story of expectations. As we grow old, we cross through many phases of life and during these phases of life, we also had many expectations. Some of our expectations were met and some remained behind as unfulfilled desires.  This is a common story of everyone, we all cross through a sea of expectations throughout our life.

This book tells a great story of a small orphan boy and his expectations of the life. He came across a beautiful small girl and falls in love with her; however, the girl doesn't have the same emotions for him. This Novel presents us secrets and mysteries. There are many good lessons about human emotions, love and expectations defined in this book.

When you read this book, you start absorbing in the story and sometimes, you even start comparing your expectations with the expectations of the Protagonist. The book is so popular that Hollywood movies are based on its story.

The best part of any book is that you start becoming one with the story and you go so deep that you start imagining things. This book presents emotions so strongly in front of us that our own old memories resurface. A human being is an emotional creature; however, it takes a time to understand these emotions and where they are leading us.

I will not go deep into the story of this book because I don't want to spoil your excitement of reading this book. I enjoyed this book very much and I hope that you will also like it.

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